Roofs: They're Definitely at the Top!
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Roofs: They're Definitely at the Top!

You can say a lot of things about roofs, and most of them might be true. But one thing that nobody can argue with is that roofs are tops. This statement can be taken in several ways. A roof does for the top of your home. It can also act like a "top" or lid for your home, keeping the rain out. Then, there's the third meaning, which is the one we happen to like the most: roofs are the best. (People say things are "tops" when they really like them.) Since we like roofs so much, we've decided to write about them, and you've discovered the blog where we do that.

Roofs: They're Definitely at the Top!

Identifying Roof Problems And Other Signs It Will Soon Be Time For A Replacement

Brian Riley

When your roofing starts to age, it is important to watch for problems. Eventually, issues with your roof will lead to you needing to have a roof replacement done, and you also want to know these signs. Catching these signs of roof wear will allow you to replace the roof before other problems cause damage to your home:

Wear of the Granules

The surface of shingles is finished with a durable granule material that protects them. The granules on shingles often start to wear away over time. This happens as wind, rain, and other weather wear down the surface of the roofing. This is one of the main signs that it is time to replace your roof soon.

Minor Issues With Leaks

There can also be other issues with minor leaks that can affect your roof. Leaks on your roof can pop up at any time. They may be present right after a roof installation or happen throughout the duration of the roof's life. This problem happens when the roof ages and leaks become more frequent and widespread. This is one of the first signs that it is soon going to be time to replace the shingles on your roof.

Deformed Roofing

The roof can start to deform in different areas for various reasons. The shingles start to deform due to shrinkage and issues with weathering or direct sunlight. Over time, the roof can also become deformed due to issues with aging. These issues may be in one area of your roof that is more exposed, or they may be widespread issues that are signs that your roof needs to be replaced soon.

Flashing and Other Materials

All roofs have some flashing or reinforcements that protect vulnerable areas. These materials are often where a roof will start to leak first when it needs to be replaced. Therefore, it is also good to look for signs of wear and problems where the roofing needs to be replaced. The problems might be leaks near valleys or a chimney, or they can be due to wear at the eaves. When the wear and damage in these areas are extensive, it might be time for a roof replacement.

The roof problems that need to be addressed include issues with wear. You need to know when to replace shingles. Contact a roof replacement service when your shingles begin to show these signs of wear and age.