Roofs: They're Definitely at the Top!
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Roofs: They're Definitely at the Top!

You can say a lot of things about roofs, and most of them might be true. But one thing that nobody can argue with is that roofs are tops. This statement can be taken in several ways. A roof does for the top of your home. It can also act like a "top" or lid for your home, keeping the rain out. Then, there's the third meaning, which is the one we happen to like the most: roofs are the best. (People say things are "tops" when they really like them.) Since we like roofs so much, we've decided to write about them, and you've discovered the blog where we do that.

Roofs: They're Definitely at the Top!

Need To Hire A Roofing Contractor? 6 Things To Check For

Brian Riley

If you need to hire a roofing contractor, there are a few things that you are going to want to look for to ensure that they will provide you with quality work and quality products.

1. Training & Certification 

You don't want to hire someone who has just decided that they want to become a roofer. You want to hire a company that has training and certification to back up their work. Many manufacturers offer special training for their products and provide certifications to contractors who complete their training. Ask if they have any certifications from specific roofing manufacturers.

2. Insurance

Next, working on a roof is a dangerous job, even for trained professionals. Ensure that any company you choose has worker's compensation and liability insurance so that if something goes wrong during the job, you are not held responsible for what happens.

3. Building Permits Assistance

When you put a new roof on your home, you will need to get a building permit. You will want to have the contractor pull the permit; that way, they are responsible for ensuring that your roof meets the building code requirements, as opposed to you taking on that responsibility yourself.

4. Written Contract

Look for a roofing contractor that is willing to give you a written contract. The written contract should include details about the materials and labor costs, the work they will do, the warranty that will go with it, when they will do the work, and how the payments will work. The contract should include details such as how the roofers will protect your landscaping and who is responsible for cleaning up the old roofing materials.

5. Financing Options 

You will want to look for a contractor that will provide you with financing options. Look for a no-money-down contractor who doesn't require a deposit to start the job. You want a contractor that will allow you to make payments if you are installing a new roof. You want a contractor that accepts debit, credit, or checks so you can have a paper trail of your payments.

6. Warranty

Finally, you want to work with a contractor who will provide you with a written warranty. Ideally, you'll want a 10-year warranty to back up their work.

When it comes to hiring a roofing contractor, look for one who will offer a 10-year warranty, no money down to start the project. This written contract carries insurance, is willing to pull the building permits, and engages in training and certifications from roofing manufacturers.

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