Roofs: They're Definitely at the Top!
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Roofs: They're Definitely at the Top!

You can say a lot of things about roofs, and most of them might be true. But one thing that nobody can argue with is that roofs are tops. This statement can be taken in several ways. A roof does for the top of your home. It can also act like a "top" or lid for your home, keeping the rain out. Then, there's the third meaning, which is the one we happen to like the most: roofs are the best. (People say things are "tops" when they really like them.) Since we like roofs so much, we've decided to write about them, and you've discovered the blog where we do that.

Roofs: They're Definitely at the Top!

How Roofing Affects Curb Appeal

Brian Riley

Determining the value of your home can be complicated. The condition of your house, its size, and factors like curb appeal can increase the value of your home. Curb appeal is typically calculated by considering factors like the paint, landscaping, main focal points, and roof. Here are some ways roofing affects your home's curb appeal.

New Roof

An old roof detracts from your home's appearance. Dry and discolored tiles, soot stains, water stains, and other damages on your roof can make your home appear shabby. It doesn't matter whether your roof's structure is in good shape; if the roof itself looks bad, it affects your home's curb appeal negatively.

Installing a new roof can significantly improve your home's curb appeal. For example, when installing a new roof, shutters tend to be more noticeable, the siding looks cleaner, and the exterior brick looks brighter.

Color of the Roof

For a positive curb appeal, your roof color should complement all aspects of your home. For example, if you have a brick home and want to replace the roof, the best choice for curb appeal is a tile that matches the brick used on your home.

Getting the right color, shade, and tone to contrast or complement the color of the trim and siding affects the way your home appears from a distance. Some homes like ranches use a combination of colors to create a positive curb appeal. If you aren't sure about the appropriate roof color, seek advice from residential roofing services.

Roof Shape

The shape of your roof affects your home's ability to tolerate natural hazards such as strong winds and storms. Also, the right shape for your roof adds curb appeal and value to your home. Some examples of roof shapes include gable roofs, an A-frame, and mansard roofs. 

A gable roof is a triangular roof that is used on many homes in America. The roof has two sloping sides that intersect at the top to form a triangle. An A-frame roof has no perpendicular walls. These roofs are typical for mountain retreats and vacation cottages. 

Lastly, mansard roofs are flat on top and slope vertically down on the four sides of your home. These roofs are popular for homes that want extra space in the attic. Researching different types of roof shapes will help you find one that achieves the desired curb appeal.

In Conclusion

Many homeowners go to great lengths to improve their home's curb appeal. One of the aspects that affect curb appeal is roofing. Your roofing covers most of the exterior surface area of your home. This makes roofing a significant aesthetic factor. Consult residential roofing services for advice on the appropriate roof material, roof color, and roof shape for a positive curb appeal.

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